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HELLO!professional -photographer -chelsea -homelsey

I am so thrilled that you have stumbled across my work, and have taken the time to learn more about me as the artist! As a child my parents always told me to chase what I loved doing, and in turn never work a day. Those words of wisdom have been my life goal. Without a doubt though I often work 40+ hours a week in this industry I never truly find myself feeling as though I am at work. Photography is my passion. I love being the one on the other side of the camera looking through the lense and knowing that with every click I am documenting sacred moments for someone else. I love capturing the softness of day old baby skin or dad’s first of many tears at the first look of his daughter in her white gown. I often wondered if after photographing 100+ weddings if my love for the job would change, but I still cry at every.single.wedding! I promise not to make a scene, but I promise I will cry at some point in your day. Photographing newborns for new families or organic moments on a bride and groom’s day is that thing my parents were teaching me to find as a child. I found my passion and I hope to share it with you!