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professional 6 month old baby photos | charlotte’s baby photographer | sneak peek

What is cuter than a chubby 6 month old in a Christmas box? Nothing! I  do believe based on her smiles that her favorite part of the entire session was being in that box! I loved photographing her. It has been fun documenting her milestones this year. I look forward to her one year session. I am certain she will be super cute smashing into a cake! Enjoy this sneak peek into this Christmas baby’s 6 month photos. professional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -ncprofessional -6 -month -baby -photos -charlotte -nc

Charlotte’s professional baby and family photographer Chelsea Homesley

professional 6 month portraits | charlotte, nc| sneak peek

Several weeks ago I met up with this sweet family for a fun morning photo session at the lovely Fisher Farm in Davidson. I just love shooting there! The light is always perfect, and the scene is spectacular. This 6 month photo session, like all the others, was  candid and playful. I love the hugging, kissing, and playing shots. It’s what we desire to remember most when our babies are grown isn’t it?

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professional family photographer Charlotte, NC | 6 month portrait photography

Over the past 6 months I have had such a wonderful time photographing this sweet family. I always feel a certain special connection to those clients who do the “grow with me” plan. I feel it as such a special privilege to take that 1 year journey with families. I am already looking forward to working with this man again in a few months. They grow too fast! I love that my job is creating art that freezes time and those tiny toes. I hope you can enjoy this sneak peek from Oliver’s 6 month photo session. professional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -family -photographer -charlotte -nccharlotte, nc professional family photographer Chelsea Homesley

6 month portraits | sneak peek


I had a wonderful time taking this adorable happy baby’s 6 month old pictures today! She was such a trooper with the heat! We got so many melt your heart smiles during her shoot. She is such a doll to photograph.

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