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Mint Museum Wedding Photography | Octavius + Kayla | SNEEK PEAK

If you are looking for a magical Charlotte skyline for your wedding ceremony then look no further than the Mint Museum! The Mint Museum is by far one of my favorite venues to photograph at! Not only is the skyline breathtaking, but the glass doors behind the ceremony sight make for some wicked photos! You can scroll down to see exactly what I mean. Not only was the venue amazing, but I loved working with Kayla and Octavius! From the engagement session to the wedding day they were the perfect clients to work with! I am so happy that they found me across the web, and honored me with the privilege of being their wedding photographer! I hope you can enjoy this peek into their wedding day!

Mint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photographyMint -Museum -wedding -photography

Charlotte NC wedding photographer Chelsea Homesley

Venue: Mint Museum

The Carriage House Wedding | Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer | Jennifer + Joseph 3.23.19

Check out this sneak peek into Joseph and Jennifer’s Spring wedding at The Carriage House! I LOVED working with this couple and am so happy to finally share pictures from their day!

Charlotte NC wedding photographer Chelsea Homesley

South Carolina Wedding photography

Venue: The Carriage House

Note from the Bride:

“If I could give Chelsea 10 stars I would. I did A LOT of research before deciding on Chelsea Homesley Photography to photograph my wedding. I’m picky. I had a certain vision and style in mind and she seemed to fit the bill perfectly. She most definitely did not disappoint! Not only were my engagement photos amazing, I received my wedding photos yesterday and I just can’t stop looking at them! Chelsea has an uncanny knack for capturing life and love in motion, and all of the feeling behind it. I intend on using her for any family and hopefully newborn photos we will want in the coming years. Thank you Chelsea and Megan for capturing our big day so perfectly!”


Taylor + Hannah Rebele | 12.15.2018

This gorgeous December wedding is now on the blog! I had such a wonderful time working with Taylor and Hannah, and I hope you to can enjoy this sneak peek into their wedding day! 

Charlotte NC wedding photographer Chelsea Homesley

Clover SC wedding photographer

professional bridal photography | Daniel Stowe Bridal Photography | Clover SC wedding photographer

I am still swooning over the light we had during this bridal photoshoot at Daniel Stowe Gardens last week! This session, despite the 100 degrees and humidity, was a blast to photo! We had so much fun walking the gardens and shooting different poses along the way. Enjoy this sneak peek into her bridal session! I can not wait until their wedding in November!

Daniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photograpyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photograpyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photographyDaniel -Stowe -wedding -photography

Clover SC wedding photographer Chelsea Homesley

venue- Daniel Stowe Gardens Belmont NC

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