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A few weeks back I met this lovely family out at Romare Bearden Park for a fun family portrait session. The last time I had seen this family of 3 was at little girl’s newborn session. It was fun getting to see how much she has changed since I last saw her. I loved getting to capture not only her beauty, but also her little personality this go around. We captured so many wonderful family pictures that day. I hope you can enjoy this short peek into their family session at the park.
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charlotte family photographer Chelsea Homesley

Mooresville Maternity photographer | chelsea homesley | sneak peek


I have had such a wonderful time photographing this family over the years! I started working with them when their oldest was only 4 months old! Now we are celebrating a new baby sister that will be here in August! I am so glad to have been able to photograph this maternity session. Their maternity photos turned out so sweet! The sandy beach at Jetton Park made for the perfect fun, casual setting for this family of 4. I can not wait until August to take newborn pictures of this little princess!

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Charlotte Family photographer Chelsea Homesley

The weekend after Christmas I had the opportunity to take family pictures for this awesome group! I can’t think of a better time to take family pictures then after a holiday when everyone is in town! We were able to take so many beautiful and fun pictures on this gorgeous lake front property. It was such a fun time. I am happy to have been able to document this time for their family.

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