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Charlotte NC Newborn Photography | Sneak peek!

Check out these adorable photos from this little girl’s newborn photo shoot! Several years ago I photographed her brother’s newborn session, and I was so happy when they asked me back! I love getting to work with the same families over the years, and documenting their milestones! Enjoy this sneak peek into her newborn session!

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Professional Newborn Photographer Chelsea Homesley

Clover SC Newborn Photographer | Professional Newborn Photographer serving the Charlotte Area | SNEAK PEEK

This little guy at first was not into the photo scene, but after sweet snuggles with his older sister he doze right off for photos. I am loving this guy against this white fur backdrop! I am a huge fan of color, but I have to say white might be my new favorite! Scroll down to see more adorable newborn photos from this little guy’s newborn photoshoot!

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Professional Newborn Photography serving Charlotte and surrounding cities!

Proud winner of the 2020 Couple’s Choice Award! Message me now to learn about Valentine’s Day Sessions COMING SOON!

professional newborn photography | clover sc newborn photographer

Whew we made it through the busy fall and Christmas season and are finally back to the blog! It has been a while since I have blogged! Tons of sessions are about to go up so stay posted! I feel like now that we have made it through the holiday sessions we can finally breathe a little and jump to sharing some of the amazing sessions! Here is a newborn session taken just a few weeks ago that I absolutely love! This little guy made my job so so easy. Some of my favorite shots from his newborn photo session are below. I hope you enjoy the cuteness, and I hope that it gifts you a smile on this cold Wednesday in January.

professional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -scprofessional -newborn -photographer -clover -sc

professional newborn photographer Chelsea Homesley

Clover SC and Charlotte NC newborn photography

Belmont’s fine art newborn photographer | Chelsea Homesley

This morning I had the honor of photographing this ADORABLE newborn! Of course I think every newborn is adorable, because who doesn’t?!? I love that I get to go to work and photograph these little babies every day! Enjoy this sneak peek from this precious newborn photo session.
professional -newborn -photographer -belmont -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -belmont -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -belmont -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -belmont -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -belmont -nc

Belmont’s fine art newborn photographer Chelsea Homesley

Chelsea Homesley Photography
serves Charlotte and the surrounding areas

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