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Life sure has changed over the past 12 years since I started photographing weddings and families. When I first started photography I never would have imagined my house would be filled with so many little feet!! I always loved photography, but my love for photos now is so much deeper now 12 years later that I have felt it’s power to help me hold onto the beautiful moments that surround me. One thing that has always fascinated me about the art of photography is it’s ability to package those moments that otherwise just come, and somehow fade away into a past memory. I love how the photos on my wall instantly take me back to my own wedding day, or the day I held my firstborn. Moments fade, but photos are timeless. I can’t wait to share this, can we say “superpower,” that photography is with you! Let’s take the moments your heart is anticipating, and let’s create timeless pieces of art that can instantly take you back! Moments like those that define us, and bring us happy tears, and our brightest smiles should never just have to come and then fade away.

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