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professional newborn photographer Charlotte NC | newborn photographer | sneak peek

Another cute newborn to hit the blog! I had the opportunity to photograph this cute newborn 2 weeks ago. I loved getting to photograph her. She took a while to get to sleep, but once she was out she was out. Enjoy this sneak peek from her newborn photo session! She made some pretty adorable newborn pictures. Enjoy!

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Charlotte Newborn Photographer

Chelsea Homesley

I had a wonderful time photographing this little man earlier this morning! He was such a cutie to photograph. This little 8 day old did so wonderful during the entire photo session. We captured so many adorable shots! I loved posing him on the dreamy soft cloud that I just added to my prop collection. Enjoy this sneak peek.

professional -newborn -photography -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photography -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photography -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photography -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photography -charlotte -ncCharlotte’s professional newborn photographer Chelsea Homesley


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