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Amy + Doug | Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Wedding

It was Spring. The gardens were full of flowers, blooming trees, and arbors. The sun was bright, the sky was clear, and a steady breeze filled the air. Everything about that Saturday in May was perfect for Amy and Doug’s wedding. The day was set in the sought after Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in the heart of Belmont, NC. The White Garden where the two would exchange vows and seal their love was surrounded by blooming white flowers and an arbor of roses against a charming white cottage. It was an intimate ceremony. Guests were family and close friends, there to witness and support Amy and Doug’s commitment to one another.  The ceremony was complete with words of wisdom from friends and an adorable reading of “The Mayonnaise Jar.” Following the “I do’s” guests enjoyed a beautiful cocktail hour in the Crape Myrtle Grove and then headed to The Great Hall for dinner, toasts, and dancing. The night was closed with the lighting of Chinese Lanterns. For every floating lantern lighting the sky that night, a wish for the new bride and groom was made. wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-4wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-8wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-9wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-10wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-12wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-13wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-17wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-108wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-107wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-3wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-21wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-14wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-16wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-111DSC_6166wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-110wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-15wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-35wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-34wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-36wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-33wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-32wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-24wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-4-3wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-26DSC_2915 (1)DSC_3297wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-47wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-48wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-51wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-50wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-49wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-53wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-54wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-55wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-59wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-58wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-65wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-60wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-61wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-71wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-66wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-64wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-62wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-6-2wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-8-2wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-67wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-69use16wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-115wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-41wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-38wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-112use19use10use4wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-73use5use8use6use9wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-42wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-43wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-74wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-45wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-44wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-75wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-82wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-119wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-120wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-118wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-16-2DSC_4184DSC_4188wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-81wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-87wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-89wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-88wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-94wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-102wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-95wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-101wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-100wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-99wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-97wedding -pictures -daniel -stowe -gardens-98

Venue: Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Photography: Chelsea Homesley Photography

Second photographer: Abby Leighanne Photography

Florist: Pink Petunia Designs

Music: Split Second Sound

Cake: Wow Factor Cakes

Caterer: Best Impressions

Transportation: CLT Express

Chelsea Homesley Photography
serves Charlotte and the surrounding areas

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