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Cindy + Zack | 7.10.2015 | The Quarry at Carrigan Farms

Cindy and Zack’s wedding was the epitome of a southern summer wedding. Bright yellow filled the quarry from the cocktail dresses to the sunflowers in the bouquets,  boutineers, and even on the most adorable cupcakes. The white sands and breathtaking waterfall served as the perfect scene for the two’s special day.  The sound of the water falling on the rocks made for such a peaceful ceremony.  Most memorable, however, was the love and joy everyone that day could see in both Zack and Cindy.  The smiles, laughter, and joy felt when the two shared vows, each personally written for the other, was priceless.  I am so honored that Cindy and Zack chose me to be apart of their day. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

-Chelsea H


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Two year old portraits | Huntersville family Photographer

Several weeks back I had the privilege of working with two year old Carrigan at Jetton Park. We played, laughed, ran around, and all the while captured some pretty adorable pictures. I love the diversity of shots we were able to capture that day!  I did a post a few weeks back of this session which you can find in the portfolio tab under family. Do check them out and see how adorable the rest of her family is! If you have a toddler turning 2 or maybe just a baby turning 1, I would love to speak with you about capturing these all too quickly passing stages of life. I’m currently including all of your images in both color and black and white at a discounted rate this month of $250.00! This rate includes the session, cd of 40+ images, tax, and shipping. If you are looking for a family photographer or are hoping to have pictures taken later in the year, send me a note! I would love to discuss customizing a session just for you and your family.


professional two year old portrait session


professional -pictures -of -two -year -old

picture -of -two -year -old -with -elmo

professional -pictures -of -two -year -old

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