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Charlotte City Club wedding | Joseph + Nicole | 9.16.2017

I had such an amazing time photographing Nicole and Joseph’s wedding at the Charlotte City Club. From  start to finish the day was nothing less than perfection. I am so honored to have photographed this wedding.  I will keep my words short since my photos are many. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into Nicole and Joseph’s wedding! Enjoy!

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Charlotte wedding photographer Chelsea Homesley

Venue: Charlotte City Club


Charlotte’s professional fine art newborn photographer

I already shared in another blog post several shots from this session, but I just had to share a few more! I loved photographing this little one’s newborn pictures. She was such a precious newborn to work with. Enjoy this peek into her newborn photoshoot.

professional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -nc

Charlotte’s fine art newborn photographer Chelsea Homesley

Lacey + Jay| 9.10.16| Charles Mack Citizen Center| Mooresville NC weddings

Photographing Lacey & Jay’s wedding at the gorgeous Charles Mack was one of the highlights of my week! I have so enjoyed working with this couple. Their love for one another is both true and genuine. They are such down to earth, sweet people to be around. It was a privilege to be their wedding photographer.  So many breath taking photos were captured! True genuine love is always photogenic! I hope you can enjoy viewing this sneak peek as much as I have enjoyed working on them.
Charles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographydsc_2838dsc_2865dsc_2897dsc_2886dsc_2975dsc_2906dsc_3026dsc_0976dsc_1033-copydsc_0952dsc_0967-copyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographydsc_3376-copydsc_4732bvp_0707Charles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographybvp_1346bvp_1349dsc_1134-copyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographydsc_1109-copyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharles -Mack -Center -Mooresville -wedding -photographyCharlotte wedding photographer Chelsea Homesley

2nd photographer Tiffany of Bella Vie Photography

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