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Clover SC family photographer | one year portraits

Last weekend I photographed this family of 3 in celebration of little guy turning ONE! He was all smiles for the pictures until we introduced the cake. He was not to sure of the cake part, but we still got some pretty great pictures of him investigating it lol! Despite the sauna like weather we all had a great time during the photoshoot! Enjoy this sneak peek from this family photo session. clover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographerclover -sc -family -photographer

Clover SC family photographer

Charlotte NC family photographer

Charlotte family photographer | Mommy & Me session | sneak peek

How adorable is this mommy and me session?! I just love their coordinating pink tutus. We had the perfect day in February for this session. Neither of us imagined we would get a 80 degree day in February when she booked last month. Enjoy this sneak peek into their mommy and daughter photoshoot!

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Charlotte, NC family photographer

Clover, SC family photographer

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