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professional newborn photographer | charlotte newborn photography | sneak peek

Boy this has been a crazy busy fall and winter season for Christmas pictures and newborn photography! It has been sometime now since I have actually blogged so beware lots of images coming your way! Here is an an adorable newborn session I shot a few weeks back.  I had a wonderful time photographing this little newborn. She was so precious and slept the entire 3 hours we were together. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into her newborn session at 7 days old. Enjoy!

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Charlotte’s Professional newborn photographer

professional newborn photographer | charlotte nc newborn photographer

I just walked in the door from this newborn’s photo shoot, and just had to do a quick edit to this! OMG how cute is this guy?! I loved working with him and his parents today. We had a great time, and got him into so many adorable outfits. I can’t wait to share more soon! Until then hopefully this will brighten your mid week. ;0professional -newborn -photographer

Charlotte’s newborn photographer Chelsea Homesley

charlotte newborn photographer | newborn photography | sneak peek

Last week was the week for newborns! I had so many adorable babies behind the camera last week. I have to say it was a fun week to be in photography. I love getting to photo these little chubby cheeks and crinkly toes. This particular girl was absolutely adorable, and was a great start to the week. I love the Harry Potter nursery that her mom and dad put together for her!! She has some super awesome parents! Have fun browsing through a few of her photos. Enjoy and come back frequently to see many more babies to hit the blog soon.

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