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Clover SC Newborn Photographer | Charlotte Newborn Photography

I had a lovely time photographing this little newborn girl! She was a breeze to pose and mold for these photos! She slept like a little angel for us. I love how her newborn photoshoot turned out. Enjoy this sneak peek into her session!

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Clover SC Newborn Photographer Chelsea Homesley

Charlotte NC Newborn Photographer

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All newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home 🙂

professional newborn photographer Clover SC | sneak peek

Enjoy this sneak peek into this little guy’s newborn photo session! I loved photographing him and his sister. The two of them make some pretty adorable pictures.

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professional newborn photographer Clover, SC

professional newborn photographer Charlotte, NC

professional newborn photographer | charlotte newborn photography | sneak peek

Boy this has been a crazy busy fall and winter season for Christmas pictures and newborn photography! It has been sometime now since I have actually blogged so beware lots of images coming your way! Here is an an adorable newborn session I shot a few weeks back.  I had a wonderful time photographing this little newborn. She was so precious and slept the entire 3 hours we were together. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into her newborn session at 7 days old. Enjoy!

professional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -ncprofessional -newborn -photographer -charlotte -nc

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